Thursday, November 18, 2010

Signing Off....

Just from the blogger space :). Its really been a wonderful space to be in. Blogger has nurtured me so long, helped me put out the thoughts, rants, complaints, feelings and all that came to my mind on its space. As I read through the posts here, I can see a lot of things changing within me too. Now with all that baggage on my back, am shifting bases. Have bought a domain for myself! I guess thatz when you can believe that I've become pompous enough to take my writings with seriousness. LOL.. whatever, it is, blogger will always remain special for me.So my dear readears, if I may be so vain enough as to assume that you still visit these pages, I would request you to take a bit more of brunt and do come and visit me at my place on web - :)

Hoping to continue to see you all there.....

Thanks blogger! :) Eternally indebted to you... :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Appeal against Plagiarism

Well, honestly, sometimes I do suffer from self-delusional beliefs that whatever I write in my blogspace is of prime importance, if not for the few surviving readers of mine, then atleast for me! Why else would I want to write about it?!! But there are certain occurrences that even defy the limits of this egoistic belief of mine, and validate it!! In simple words, it surprises me when some people actually give too much worth to what I write.

And that is what happened, when one fine day last month, I received an email from a wonderful friend of mine, telling me that my blog post was blatantly copied and posted in another blog by I guess a fellow 'blogger'... and I felt the first pang of being plagiarised hit me. Honestly, it was surprise that first took hold of me. I felt rather weird that someone would find the content worth copying and associating their name with it! But that is done already!

In the second post link, I haven't included the lyrics of the song in my original post. However, the content for both the posts have been completely lifted from this blogspace. The original posts have been mentioned below for the reference of my discerning readers:

Well, what is to be said for this?!! I dunno! I wrote an email politely asking him to take the posts off, or atleast mention the original source, but no action has been taken so far towards either of these steps. You know, its really flattering to think that someone will enmasse copy my words given that imitation is the best form of flattery. But I am not sure, if I am really happy about it. A lot of what I have written here, given that it is pertaining to music, is not entirely original. I have written about songs, meanings of these lyrics/compositions, and music personalities. Anybody can write about these, and I wouldn't claim these to be my sole ideas, but my feelings about these songs are mine. The emotions that I feel and I relate to through these songs, are mine. I am not so sure if someone can just copy them and claim them to be his own. May be am being too picky, or maybe I am being justified in my slight indignation about such behaviors. But the fact is that I do feel it is insensitive on a person's part to blatantly copy someone else's work (no matter how pedestrian it may be) and post it as his own.

I have no idea how many people take blogs seriously. Maybe none, or maybe negligibly few! Or if its someone like the Who's who of entertainment industry or politics, then maybe a lot of them would! I am just a small fish in this colossal school! But I take time to think about what I write about the songs that touch me, that move me, inspire me and prod me to write about them. And its just effin' irritatin' that a person can spend a bare minimum 5-6 minutes in copying the contents, and posting it on his blog and rudely ignore polite requests to pull it down!

Am I being a cry baby?!! Oh well who cares!

Btw. Sush.. a wonderful friend of mine and an even more chronic music buff.. introduced me to a wonderful song from the upcoming movie Ishqiya.... "Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji"... penned by Gulzar... thatz what is coming up next!! Thanks a lot for patiently listening to my rants .... if u have made it so far.. I guess u can stick around! Cheerio!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kelo Satcharitra - On pious lives and noble souls

Usually, I receive a lot of requests either through comments or through emails for mp3 files or lyrics of songs. While it is extremely heartening to have readers who are drawn to this blog, and coax me into writing, I must at the same time, profusely apologize for the delay that invariably happens in materializing these requests.
The ones that are easily done, will surely be done. Some requests that ask for the lyrics and the meaning usually take time, and that is the first round of problem that I run into. I do want to eventually write on all the songs that I've been receiving requests on, and better late than never. So please do continue to visit...and ofcourse demand. If it can be met, it surely will :).

One of the requests I had received from a person (who didn't give me his email address while leaving the comment) was for the lyrics of a composition by Sri Purandara Dasa - Kelo Satcharitra. I had listed this song was one of my favorites that had been sung by the maestro Maharajapuram Santhanam. It is a bit tricky to be writing about this song, as I'll have to go into some nuances of the belief system held in Hindu tradition. I hope I can do some justice and would call upon any readers of mine, who have much more knowledge, to kindly add on to this, or correct me if I erred anywhere.

Kelo satcharitra manuja pa

O! Human! Listen to the lives of noble and pious people!

drudha bhaktiyindali hariya nenedare
koduva mokshave saakshi
drudha bhaktiyillade hariya nenedare
paduva narakave saakshi 1

When one prays to Lord Hari in steadfast devotion, the testimony for the same is provided by the salvation he obtains. Whilst the hell one suffers is proof of the person not being truly devoted to Lord Hari.

kanyaadaanava maadidavarige
hennina bhogave saakshi
kanyaadaanava maadadavarige
hennina kaatave saakshi 2

For people who give away their daughters in marriage, affluence and prosperity in their families holds the proof. (It is a belief that giving daughters in marriage is an act of great virtue and sanctity that brings immense goodwill and fortune to the doers, although in the present days, I am more akin to believing in the contrary!) Whereas those who do not indulge in this shall suffer from nagging women or women who shall cause their downfall. [If I can get on a lighter tone, it seems as if the best way to bring in fortune is to give away the women!!]

pankti vanchane maadidavarige
janma rogave saakshi
pankti vanchane maadadavarige
putra bhaagyave saakshi 3

Those who jump the order shall suffer from birth disorders. (pankti - is a term that is generally used for the rows of people who sit for dinner. There was an established order as to who follows who in the earlier days. It was believed that those who skip this order, or cheat on the order, shall have progenies with defects. It may also be interpreted as someone who skips the social order established in the society, and someone who transgresses this social order shall pay for it in their future generations). For those who do not skip the order, the testimony is provided by them bearing sons. (Typically considered to be the ones who continue the family legacy, birth of male child was regarded as an event of great auspiciousness for the family).

anna daanava maadidavarige
unnuva ootave saakshi
anna daanava maadadavarige
anna kalevude saakshi 4

The food one eats is proof that the individual also feeds others. There are several quotes in kannada and ofcourse in almost every language and culture that emphasise on the need to share food. Food has been considered one of the prime offerings that can be made to fellow human beings. Be it an occassion of celebration or one of mirth, offering food to others, has been held as a pious act since age immemorial. This stanza emphasizes the same by stressing that those who perform such offerings, shall also be blessed with an abundance of food. While those who do not share their food (or fortune) shall lose it, which is the proof of their greediness.

aadida maatige hariye saakshi
todida baavige jalave saakshi
maadida paapake manave saakshi
saatige purandara vithalana saakshi 5

The Lord is the witness for the words that are uttered as the water is the proof for the well that is dug! (When a well is dug well, it does hit the water spot, in the same way, words that are spoken well, with the best of the intentions and truthfully, shall please the Lord). The consciousness is the witness for the crimes that have been committed, while the Lord Purandara Vitthala is the witness for the truth. (Even if we may believe that no one is watching us, and resort to unlawful activities or bad actions, our consciousness shall always be aware of it, and hence its the true witness. Hence, the saying goes that character is what we do, when we think that no one is looking!)

One of the interesting aspects of the compositions by the dasas or the sharanas, is that it sheds a lot of light on the social structure and belief system held during those days. Ofcourse, many of it may seem irrelevant of even blasphemous now, but the underlying philosophy has indeed been noble.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lost & Found..... :)

Had been to Gramin - an aesthetic restaurant at the Raheja Arcade in Koramangala. Heard a wonderful, long forgotten Hindi song from the B&W days... decided to get back home and listen to the song in peace and maybe watch its video on Youtube.
Now.. I don't remember the song... gosh.. its just so killing!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(

Update on 20th July: The song is "Lag ja gale.... ke phir ye"... YIPEEEEE!!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bhavani Ashtakam - An Ode to the Universal Mother!

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine shared with me an amazing Sanskrit hymn - "Bhavani Ashtakam". I realized that it had been a long time since I wrote of some Sanskrit hymns. After listing out some of my favorite hymns in Sanskrit, I had kinda let that go into the oblivion. Devotional songs have always been an enchanting proposition for me, and no matter what time or day, I cherish losing myself to the rhythms of devotional numbers that are transcendental in their effect, bringing the ethereal experience of spirituality to the commoner levels. Not all songs have this effect, I am afraid. It takes a wonderful combination of right music, and appropriate literature to blend together seamlessly, one not over riding the other, and create that wholesome experience, necessary to spur the divine feeling inside the listener. This particular hymn Bhavani Ashtakam, has been sung by Bangalore Sisters. Their another amazing album was the Ganesha Stotramala. It is indeed a collectible material, if you are looking for enchanting hymns on Ganesha. The particular composition of Bhavani Ashtakam, that I am interested in right now, is a composition of Sri Adi Shankara. He has eloborated on the effervescence of the worldly matters - the relationships, the materialisms, etc, and harkens on the Universal Mother as the sole protector and sustainer from this whirlpool of Samsaara.

Na tato, na matha, na bandur na datha,
Na puthro, na puthri , na bhrutyo , na bharta,
Na jaaya na Vidya, na Vruthir mamaiva,
Gatistwam, Gatistwam twam ekaa Bhavani.

I have no father, no mother, no relative, no protector. (I have) no son, no daughter, no servants, no husband, no progenies, no education and no employment that I can call as my own! You are my only protector, you the only one O! Bhavaani! (The one who takes us all over this Bhava-worldly miseries)

Bhavabdhava paare , Maha dhukha Bheeru,
Papaatha prakami , pralobhi pramatha,
Ku samsaara paasha pravartyassadaaham,
Gatistwam, Gatistwam twam ekaa Bhavani.

I have been caught in this torrential flow of the samsaara, and in great agony! (Because) I am lustful, greedy, intoxicated (mad), and I keep turning myself towards the noose of this destructive samsaara (worldly affairs). I have none but you as my protector, you the only one, O! Bhavaani!

Na janaami daanam, Na cha dhyaana yogam,
Na janaami tantram, na cha stotra mantram,
Na janaami poojaam, na cha nyaasa yogam,
Gatistwam, Gatistwam twam ekaa Bhavani

I know nothing about sacrifices, neither about meditation, I know of no rituals, no hymns or praises, I do not know about worship, neither about losing merging my existence in worship or service of the divine. You are my only salvation, you the only one O! Bhavaani!

Na janaami Punyam, Na janaami theertham,
Na janaami mukthim, layam vaa kadachit,
Na janaami bhaktim, vrathamvaapi maatha,
Gatistwam, Gatistwam, twam ekaa Bhavani.

I do not know of fruits begotten by good deeds, I do not know of sacred places, I do not know of salvation, or even a bit of destruction. I do not know of devotion or of vows. You are my only salvation, you the only one O! Bhavani!

Kukarmi, kusangi, kubuddhi, kudhasa,
Kulaachara heena, kadhachaara leena,
Kudrushti, kuvakya prabandhassadaaham,
Gatistwam, Gatistwam, twam ekaa Bhavani.

I am a sinner, have indulged in bad company, have borne ill thoughts, enslaved myself to vice, I have abandoned the path of virtue, and not interested in pious ways, I have cast evil eyes and have always indulged in mouthing inappropriate talks - (Yet, today I come to you) you are my only means & end, you the only one O! Bhavaani!

Pradesam, Ramesam, Mahesam, Suresam,
Dhinesam, Nishitheswaram vaa kadachit,
Na janami chaanyath sadaham sharanye,
Gatistwam, Gatistwam twam ekaa Bhavani

I do not know anything of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Indra, Sun or the moon. I do not know of anyone else whom I can take refuge of. You are my only salvation, you the only one O! Bhavaani!

Vivaade, Vishaade, pramaade, pravaase,
Jale chaanale parvathe shatru madhye,
Aranye, sharanye sadaa maam prapahi,
Gatistwam, Gatistwam, twam ekaa Bhavani.
In strife, in agony, in danger or in travel, whether am in water or fire, whether am in the mountains amidst the enemies, in forest, I shall always seek refuge in thee! Do protect me! For you are the only salvation, you the only one O! Bhavani!

Anaatho, daridro, jaraa roga yukto,
Maha Ksheena deenassadaa jaadya vakthra,
Vipattou pravishta, pranashtassadhaham,
Gatistwam, Gatistwam, twam ekaa Bhavani.
I am an orphan, destitute, bearing the diseases of my old age, malnourished, sad, and always bearing a grief-stricken (diseased) face. I find myself surrounded by danger and facing a terrible end. You are my only salvation, you the only one O! Bhavaani!

When I first heard this stotra, the most hard hitting aspect of it, was the gruesome picture drawn of humankind. It was certainly unnerving for most part of it. And yet, it does come as a hardhitting argument - something like those gory pictures we see, in order to drive home the point of saving the nature, environment or cute animals! And there is a divine beauty to the human life too, something that we always forget about and meander around in loss and pain. We forget that we are all happy creatures of this Neverland, and were meant to be happy! Time and again, we need to be reminded of this, and what better place than the lap of the universal mother, to learn of our life and its essence!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life... In a Metro - 2

Another song that I have really treasured in the movie is "Rishtey toh nahin.." sung by James and written by Syed Quadri and music by Pritam Chakraborthy. It has been a long time since a hard hitting song like this has been penned. Frankly the song holds mirror to many of the modern day relationships. Relationships that have become nothing but a convenience - a way for people to attend to their physical, emotional or social needs. But then is that the purpose of relationships? Sure they were initially the need of the 'social' man... but relationships have to transcend the banal and superficial needs of the body or the mind.. and eventually dwell into the deeper taverns of the soul! People who enter into relationships off late, come out of it in tatters, their heart and soul is shambles! The increasing stress of the present generation has bruised many relationships. The song is beautifully worded with the choicest of expressions that paint the shallow depths of many such relationships that are an unwanted baggage piled on the teetering shoulders of many modern lives irrespective of their age, creed, or location.
Coming to the song, James has sung amazingly well. Again the rock

rishtey toh nahi rishton ki parchaayiyaan mile
yeh kaisi bheed bas yahaan tanhaayiyaan mile - 2
(...the Guitar that follows this is just superb!)

One doesn't find relationships, but only the shadows of it! This is a crowd where one only finds loneliness!

ek chhat ke tale ajnabi ho jaate hai rishtey
bistar pe chaadaron se chhup so jaate hai rishtey - 2
dhunde se bhi inme nahi darmaayiyaan mile
yeh kaisi bheed hai bas yahaan tanhaayiyaan mile

Under one roof, relationships become strangers. Like the mattresses on the bed, the relationships become still. Inspite of searching one fails to find the warmth or the closeness in them. What sort of a crowd is this, where one finds only loneliness?!!!

jisko bhi dekhiye woh adhura sa hai yahaan
jaise kahin hoga woh aadha rakha huwa - 2
ho jab jahaan jude wahi judaayiyaan mile
yeh kaisi bheed hai bas yahaan tanhaayiyaan mile

Whoever you see here, seems incomplete - as if a part of him has been left off somewhere! Right where one seeks to join, there he runs into separation! What sort of a crowd is this, wherein one finds only loneliness!

ristey toh nahi rishton ki parchaayiyaan mile
yeh kaisi bheed hai bas yahaan tanhaayiyaan mile - 2

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life... In a Metro - 1

This new year I revived myself to get back into the writing habits that I had given up on most of my external domains. I had always maintained that compared to the idle musings that I write, this music spot has remained neglected. It doesn't come to bear that I haven't been hearing music at all. Well moving from place to place and not having access to the web, surely has cut down on my splurges into music, but I have been hearing so many songs and albums that I could write about them for years to come. But I know, I haven't been doing that! I don't know to what extent I shall be able to rectify my shortcomings in this regard. But yeah, I would love to be able to post more often here. As I sat brooding over what to write about to kick start the year, the first and foremost thing that came to my mind was the album of the movie - Life.... In a Metro. I had watched the movie a long time ago, and some songs instantly had captured my attention. But it wasn't until a few months ago, when I got myself the collection (which is really tough to find surprisingly!!) that I came in full realization of the beauty of this album. Its composition, its music, the singers have done such a magnificent job that I was stunned at my audacity to have ignored it for so long!!

The album boasts of a cohort of lyricists, and singers. Syed Quadri, Sandeep Srivastava and Amitabh verma are the formers while KK, James, Soham, Suhail, Adnan Sami and Pritam belong to the latter category. The music is by Pritam, who has literally brought in a fresh wave into the industry through his talent.

The movie is directed by Anurag Basu. The movie by itself was brilliant ofcourse. So nicely intertwining the lives of seemingly different people living in the same Metro roof! Seamlessly blending into the life of one person and the other, there was never a moment of disconnection. It surely is a challenge to handle such scripts and Basu has done an amply wonderful job.

The purpose ofcourse would be to talk of music, and songs. And here, I have chosen my favorite 4 numbers. I wouldn't rate them based on the way I post them. For me they are all equally brilliant and amazing. They are all so to say, different in their situations, but the brilliance of the words, and the magnificence of music is overflowing through each one distinctively!
It has many of the songs repeated in the album having been remixed. To start with...

In Dino
- lyrics by Syed Quadri and sung by Soham.

In Dino dil mera
mujh se hai keh raha
Tu.... khwaab saja..
Tu... jee le zara
hai tujhe bhi ijaazat, kar le tu bhi muhabbat. (2)
In Dino....

Be rang si hai badi zindagi
kuch rang to bharoon
main apni tanhaayi ke waaste
ab kuch toh karoon (2)

Jab mile koi phursat..(2)
khud se karle muhobbat...

hai tujhe bhi ijaazat, kar le tu bhi muhobbat

Usko chupakar mein sabse kabhie
le chaloon kahin door
aankhon ke pyaale se peeta rahoon
uske chehre ka noor (2)

is zamaane se chupkar (2)
poori karloon mein hasrat

hai tujhe bhi ijaazat kar le tu bhi muhobbat

In dino....

The Rock music seems to have finally found its foray into the Bollywood realm. There used to be a time when ears shattering melee was called music - thanks to the clan of Anu Maliks who seemed as if they had all fallen on their heads on birth. Though some of them can surely be discounted. Anyways, this particular song has a soft rock music well strummed on the Guitar, soft drums and keyboard. Soham's voice provides the right blend of melancholy and romance that go hand in hand that is so important for the lyrics to hold your attention and render them effective.

The guarded happiness of a heart that has finally come to experience Love, that it had so far craved, and finally wants to accept is well expressed in the Quadri's words. The second para that speaks of the loving moments with the dear one stolen from the eyes of the world is absolutely astounding for its simplicty. The lines that express the desire to spend the eternity just by gazing into the loving eyes of the sweetheart, and drinking through them the brilliance of her face is sheer visual poetry. A love that indeed has to be hidden from the world, lest someone cast an evil eye!! Beautiful... just beautiful!!

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